These two options help give the Lost Ark Gold possibility of playing as an alt and experiencing more of the game's fantastic classes more appealing as it would be in the event that you'd have to spend the equivalent of 10 hours leveling up your character -- not to mention that alts can assist you to farm extra resources to your main character after you've reached the endgame of Lost Ark.

All of this is not to say the game Lost Ark is perfect. Its ending is an difficult grind, and its microtransactions are a bit questionable at best, and none of this matters much if flimsy servers keep you waiting for hours in a long line. However, I do not think about all of that when battling the monsters of my favorite class is this enjoyable. Since you're spending about 90% of your time doing this it makes Lost Ark an easy game to get into.

Power creep is a danger to many games, particularly competitive ones like Hearthstone. However, when is power creep... acceptable? Games such as Risk of Rain, Vampire Survivors, and Hades utilize power creep to lift your confidence and make you feel like God... till they finally throw you to the bottom of the sea.

European Lost Ark players have been facing extremely long wait times since the launch, but it appears as though the server capacity hasn't been increasing.

Lost Ark was made available to cheap Lost Ark Gold players in North America and Europe on February 11, and ever since the time it was released, European players have struggled to play due to the crowded servers. The developer of the game, Smilegate has now acknowledged that there may not be a fix for this issue any time soon.