According to cyberpunk 2077 samurai jacket, A bomber jacket is a type of jacket that originated as a military garment during World War II. This heavyweight, quilted jacket was designed for warmth and protection against the elements. Today, bomber jackets are popular with both men and women and are worn both casually and professionally. The jacket was meant to keep a pilot's body temperature regulated in the air. The bomber jacket, however, is much more casual than traditional pilot jackets. The cut is boxy and athletic, with shoulders that descend to the waist and severe zippers with exposed zippers. Bomber jackets can be dressed up or down, worn with jeans, or tucked into a pencil skirt. The cut of the jacket is forgiving, making it an ideal choice for curvy women. A bomber jacket is a casual military jacket that's usually made of heavy cotton, wool, or nylon. These jackets were originally designed to be worn over flight suits during World War II, and most bomber jackets are double-breasted, as are military flight suits.