The development of mechatronics in university

  • Last Post 29 September 2022
player181 posted this 28 September 2022

Students who study this major usually go to work in front-line factories. Some can do mechanical work, including CNC machine tools, quality inspection, and some can do electrician and electronic work. fifa 23 coins ps4 If it is mechanical work , It may be a bit tiring, and the mechanical aspect can also be extended to maintenance work, which is also good. The salary is generally about 5,000. The salary of precision machine tool installation and debugging can be higher, and some can reach tens of thousands of yuan a month, and the salary is not low. Electricians’ work is relatively light, and the salary is generally lower than that of mechanical work, usually around 4,000 a month. If you want to earn money, it is best not to choose this job. Electronics, such as computer assembly, maintenance, and automation installation and debugging, and some work in mobile phone manufacturers, the salary is quite high, and some people are engaged in monitoring installation and debugging, this work is now It is quite profitable. Many units and individuals have installed surveillance cameras. The prospects are good. A friend of mine does this job. He does it himself.

rehman posted this 29 September 2022

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