The mechanism of action of the muscle relaxant Pain o soma 500 mg is to prevent the brain from receiving pain signals from the nerves. Given that the active component in this tablet.

Prosoma 500 may be used to treat skeletal muscle issues, such as discomfort or injury, in conjunction with rest and physical therapy. Only take pain o soma was required (up to two or three weeks).

Since there isn't enough data to support its long-term usage and because the pain associated with skeletal muscle injuries often subsides quickly, this treatment is unlikely to be successful (designating the injury as "acute").

In addition to rest and physical treatment, this is used to calm sore muscles and lessen the pain associated with muscular ailments such as sprains and strains. Skeletal muscle relaxants like Prosoma 350 mg are among the most frequently prescribed drugs all over the world.


To first relax tense muscles, it uses the central nervous system. Your doctor suggested you to take it for this reason.

Use this medication for no more than three weeks without first seeing a doctor. Always read and follow the directions on your prescription labels, and if you have any questions, see your doctor or pharmacist. accordance to your doctor's advice while using this medication. Pay attention to your doctor's advice on dose precision and timing. The adverse effects of Prosoma 500 mg may cause the development of habits. Do not increase your dosage. Use it just as directed by your doctor and never for longer than that.