It is really a place where you are able to enjoy every bit by adventure, fun and exciting roller coaster ride on the sand dunes. Not only this but you are able to enjoy dream dinner and Belly dance in Desert Safari.

If you should be planning for a trip to Dubai's Desert Safari then you need to know about its importance. The Safari desert in Dubai is really a real dreamland and heart of Arabian people. Trip to Dubai will undoubtedly be unfinished without an excursion of Dubai's Safari Desert.

If you like to be on a journey to mountain from desert then, don't worry! There is an action-packed in Dubai's Desert Safari who will get you there in just a drive.

How the journey starts?

It starts with a tough driving in sand by an expert driver. Whenever you will undoubtedly be in desert, you will relish the camel ride (ship of desert) that may allow you to take a small tour to the local village to start to see the traditions of desert life. Not only this but, you are able to benefit from the sand skiing or Wadi-Bashing in Desert Safari. In regards enough time of night, it's enough time to enjoy the taste of desert banquet.

The most exciting thing is the serving of food under the start-lit night. You are going to served with a barbecue and many other Arabian dishes. You can also plan the romantic dinner and you can even reach start to see the belly dance and smoking of hookah in the Desert safari.

Visitors can not need the excited period in dubai desert safari, if they cannot visit a mysterious place like Desert Safari. For the safety and ease, large amount of tours offer tour operators. And you are able to choose one which you believe suits you better.