Vidalista black 80  is always recommended to consume this drug according to the doctor's instructions, do not get carried away by other people's suggestions. Most of the time, doctors report taking it just before s*xual activity; this is how the speed is increased. Generally, according to the doctor's recommendations, erectile dysfunction is a lifestyle disorder, unhygienic life, lack of cleanliness of the p*nile areas, irregular baths naturally catalyze erectile dysfunction situations.An erection is an autochthonous flow of blood. The more we push it with smoking and alcohol habits, the more fatal and uncontrollable it becomes. It is best to take medications regularly and avoid all these things which tend to make the situation worse.Vidalista 60 mg is a rather high dose;   Extra super vidalista  the dosage starts with a minimum of 5 mg; patients should take note of what works well, consider taking this drug for a long time and increase the dose accordingly. Taking this drug is pretty standard, like any other drug, swallowing with water is the process. Patients should never halve or crush the drug before taking it.