WEBINAR: Developing a Roadmap for Mechatronics and Robotics Engineering Education

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Zuzana Fabusova posted this 30 October 2018

The Mechatronics Education Community invites you to the next webinar on November 9, 11 am CT. Dr. Nima Lotfi, one of the organizers of the NSF-sponsored workshop The Future of Mechatronics and Robotics Engineering (FoMRE), will discuss the outcomes of the workshop and outline the path for development of a roadmap for mechatronics and robotics education.

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The FoMRE workshop was held in conjunction with 2018 Dynamic Systems and Control Conference on September 30th, 2018 in Atlanta, GA. The workshop was attended by more than 30 academic and industrial professionals in the field of mechatronics and robotics engineering. The attendees were from a wide range of institutions from small private to large public universities and industry. The format of the workshop included short presentations by the organizers followed by interactive sessions and discussions. The interactive sessions revolved around some of the important aspects in regards to the FoMRE.

In this webinar, Dr. Lotfi will summarize the discussions and findings of the workshop. Furthermore, he will propose a roadmap for developing a diverse, inclusive community of MRE educators, students, & practitioners. The roadmap also aims at defining the MRE knowledgebase, achieving recognition of MRE as a distinct engineering discipline, and accelerating adoption of MRE courses & curricula.

This webinar is a follow-up to the FoMRE workshop. We specifically invite the participants of the workshop willing to get more involved, those who were unable to attend the workshop, as well as anyone else who desires to be a part of this nationwide initiative to shape the future of mechatronics and robotics engineering towards training highly-qualified engineers for this emerging and fast-growing field.

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