Which one of the following is an element of the completing phase of the three-step writing process?

  • Last Post 28 May 2022
zonacaylor posted this 26 May 2022

Three primary sets of three tasks make up the three-step writing process are:

1.    Prewriting,

2.    Writing

3.    Revising

Taking about the completing stage, rechecking is one element of this phase. Let us look into this:


You're almost ready to present your work. But first, clean up. Lastly, revise your three-step writing. These tasks will take your blog entries from average to excellent. Subtasks of revising are proofreading and evaluating. If you're a beginner, you can take help from editing services near me, what most of the authors do. This saves time and assures the least errored content since it's proofread by someone with more experience than you.


Make a great first impression. Check for spelling and grammatical issues now. Mentions and subject-verb agreement. Get fresh eyes on your stuff. Outsiders may see errors and provide advice.

Use your spell and grammar checker with caution. A human proofreader cannot be replaced by software. But if I had to choose one, it would be Grammarly.


Examine the three-step writing steps to see whether you completed them. Consider this after the prior steps of writing:

It's worth repeating. Before you spend hours writing an article, you must perform significant keyword research. Writing for the optimal keywords based on your topic and domain authority will help your content get found naturally.

candymika posted this 28 May 2022

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