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getsmile posted this 09 September 2021

Many people read a book before bedtime. in principle This won't happen in bed. It can cause insomnia. However, many people give up with no results. Magazines are a good choice.


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BergKiran posted this 02 January 2024

Unlock the key to vitality with the question, is afternoon nap healthy? Delve into the benefits and risks of adult napping, where these short daytime respites offer a rapid recharge against fatigue. Whether a brief five-minute break or an extended two-hour relaxation, afternoon naps cater to individual needs. Experience the positive impact on alertness and mood, while staying mindful of potential drawbacks like sleep inertia. Embrace the perfect balance for your health, making afternoon naps a valuable ally in your daily routine.

wood posted this 04 January 2024

Napping has always been a mystery to me, but this article breaks it down brilliantly. I appreciate the scientific insights into sleep cycles and circadian rhythm. The benefits of improved memory, mood, and creativity are motivating. The idea of nap pods and the 'NASA nap' adds a modern and practical element. However, the risks associated with excessive napping are essential to be aware of. This article has given me a newfound appreciation for the art of napping. Are naps healthy for you